Welcome to Global data management system

GDM data analytics is new generation analytical engine which processes large volume of structured and unstructured data. GDM's big data analytics application, dramatically reduces processing time for large volume of data. In today’s digital world every business wants to use technology to process a huge unstructured data available in social media to find out business trends. All small and big business need to use this data so they can improve the business forecast, help in decision making, and deciding business strategies over the competitors.

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The volume and variety of structure and unstructured data causes performance problems using conventional data processing techniques and that’s where GDM analytical engine comes into picture. For any business analytical engines can processes huge amount of data and create dashboard which will help businesses to plan their marketing strategy, product line, advertising campaigning etc. For every business it’s very important to locate the customer base and the products they are interested in and that’s where our engine makes a huge difference.

If you are retail customer using GDM analytical engine you can simply configure your company profile but adding keywords for products/services your business offer and primary targeted areas and we will get you the dashboard. Our engine will process all data feeds which is basically unstructured data and based on your company profile configuration find out the planning and strategy dashboard which will help your business tremendously. Big Data can pave way for fraudulent analysis, customer segmentation based on the store behavior analysis, loyalty programs that identifies and targets the customers.

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For large enterprises and financial institution where structured data needs fast processing, slicing and dicing our analytical engine makes a huge difference. You can configure how you want to see the data and provide the data source and we can create you live dashboard so you can traverse through data the way you want. Our analytical engine enables the executives to get the relevant data in less time for making decisions.

You can get the login details to see demo for structured and unstructured data processing based on configured keywords and profiles. If you want to customize it for your businesses and see how it works then please call or email and we will get it done just adding configuration for your business.